Old Hermitage

The Islamic tower or La Puebla Old Hermitage, which was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1997, its origins date from the late XIV century. The building is a 8 metres high tower built with stone masonry walls. In some parts of the building , it was used better worked stone, with appearance of marble . Some of them came from La Almagra site like it shows an ashlar figure in one of the tower corner. It was a military construction and for this reason some small windows , whose purpose was to give light and also for defence, can be seen. The original access to the tower was through a wood ladder since it was easier to take away if there was an attack. The door, with a semicircular arch, was made of bricks but the doorjambs were made of red marble. Its interior consists of just one area with a barrel vault divided into two sections separated by a semicircular arch resting on two square columns with square basis and stone capitals. In the XVI century the tower was used as an hermitage dedicated to “María Magdalena”.

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