Neighborhood and Districts Festivals

The festive calendar of the municipality is completed with the parties in neighborhoods and districts, mainly in summer and autumn. The districts of Los Baños, La Puebla, El Niño, Yechar, Fuente Librilla and Casas Nuevas, celebrate their different employers, organizing a program of activities with concerts, processions, children’s activities, contests, popular foods for all neighbors and visitors who coincide with the holidays have such a special occasion to know their traditions and history.

El Niño de Mula celebrates its holidays in July; in August the celebrations of Casas Nuevas and Yechar coincide; in October, celebrate their holidays in Fuente Librilla, La Puebla de Mula and Baños de Mula.

The neighborhoods of Mula also have their festive calendar. Of particular note are those of Barrio Viñegla, in June, with the bonfire of the night of San Juan. A few days before, they celebrate San Antonio in the neighborhood of the same name. The first weekend of September, the fiestas of the neighborhood of San Felipe anticipate the arrival of the Child of Mula in romería.

april, 2024

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