Green Route

If we want to walk, or take a bike tour through a peculiar natural scenery, we can start doing it through the Northeast Greenway near the old train station of Los Baños de Mula. From the first viaduct that appears on our way, we can see how the erosive agents form in this part a stunning desert landscape and without vegetation that creates a wonderful contrast with the greenish chromatic of the Mula river valley that appears in the background. If we follow the path, and after passing another viaduct of six arches, we will stay on the right ¿La Sultana¿, an orchard house of the early twentieth century that allows us to see the typical structure of this mode of construction with the addition of an exquisite neo-Arabic decoration. Next, fruit orchards and the impressive mix of pine forests with almond groves, reservoirs and channels will enter the next part of the Greenway to end in the Light Station and after it reach the municipalities of Northwest.

february, 2024

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