Path of Time

The Path of Time is developed within the municipality of Mula, in the urban and peri-urban areas of the city, connecting several areas of natural, cultural and scenic interest. It is an itinerary that can be done in both directions and has its beginning and end in the Greenway of the Northwest, becoming a circular path. Whether we start the route at the height of the La Puebla de Mula cemetery or if we do it at the intersection of the Gran Vía and the Mula Variation, at the height of the Tejera Road, we will cover a total of 7.5 km.

This path that introduces us to the history and nature closer to the City of Mula.

Characteristics of the Itinerary:

Length of the trail: 7.5 km.
Estimated time: 3.5 h.
Difficulty: Low.

Path of the Albacar

Local path made in the middle slope of Cerro del Castillo to connect the upper neighborhoods of the City of Mula with the Castillo de los Vélez. The path has a length of 410 m., Was made in 2006 by the Workshop School and runs along the wall the medieval site known as Albacar.

The functionality and meaning of this space has been much discussed by different authors. While some assign it a refuge function for the population in siege, others speak of a livestock use of space, due to the etymology of the word Albacar, which comes from the Arabic al-Baqqara and means cattle.

Although it is not an especially long route, it involves some difficulty because the beginning of it presents a quite steep slope. Once the first section is over, the unevenness is lighter and can be done without much difficulty. Due to the orography of the terrain it is not advisable to carry out the route with young children, since the slope of the castle can be dangerous.
On the route you can enjoy impressive views such as the remains of the old Muslim wall and the cistern.
In the middle of the route we can enjoy the remains of the watch tower of the Albacar. It is also enjoyed along the route of an enviable view of the entire town of Mula, as well as Sierra Espuña. At the end of the trail we can enjoy an unusual view of the Castillo de los Vélez and we can almost feel it coming on us. In this last section we can also see the most primitive construction of the fortress, being able to see only when making this route.

Data sheet

Length: 490m
Type of trail: linear.
Duration: 15-20 minutes.
Difficulty: moderate.

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