Climbing Areas

La Pared de la Presa

La Pared de la Presa is situated at the foot of Embalse de La Cierva, on the river Mula. The access is by the Northwest motorway, exiting on the way out to Mula Este, after passing under the motorway there is a round turn which indicates on the right 4 kilometers to the Embalse de La Cierva. After parking the car at the house of the dam guard, walk down the comfortable the stairs which lead to the deck in 5 minutes.

It has 39 bolted. Vertical, slopping and overhanged wall.

Sector Ferrari

The Sector Ferrari is also accessed from the same roundabout that leads to the La Cierva Reservoir. Before reaching the reservoir, leave the road to take a road to the right, passing again under the freeway. We come to a crossroad that indicates Fuente Caputa, we turn left. We continue for two kilometers until reaching a hill where we must leave the vehicle to approach by foot on a path that starts from the left and from which we can see the Northwest motorway. After five minutes walking we arrive at the Sector Ferrari, high place that gives a peculiar character to the environ where climbing.

58 routes rating from to 8a. Vertical, overhanged and roof wall.

june, 2024

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