The Saint Spine

Did you know one of the thorns of Jesus Christ crown is in Mula? That´s right. Apparently, the relic was among the valuable objects Elena of Costantinopla brought. The crown belonged Balduino the second who offered to Luis IX. For many years the thorns were left from Kings to nobles. In Spain there are two of them , one in Barcelona cathedral and the other in the Royal Monastry of la Encarnación in Mula.

Fray Pedro de Jesús, Christ child seer.

Pedro Botía was born in Mula in 1633 . Almost all his family members died due to the bubonic plague in 1648, then he went to live with some relatives in El Niño de Mula village. That year, while he was working as a shepherd, Christ child appeared and invited to follow him. He did it professing as a franciscan lay brother.

He lived in different Cartagena diocese monasteries and travelled to Holy Places. Christ child appeared again in Asís and told him to come back Spain. In his return journey Fray Pedro met the Count of Lemos who introduced him in the court. There he met Juan José de Austria, Carlos II brother. they became friends and Pedro de Jesús was one of Juan Jose confidants for fourteen years.


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