Another way to enjoy the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña, always in a respectful way with the environment, is in BTT for the paths conditioned for this sport that shows us, testing our expertise in the bicycle, the most beautiful corners of this space natural.

One way to do this is to travel the 146 km of the Espubike route, designed to enjoy the natural and tourist resources and that leads us through such impressive places, without entering sensitive areas, such as the ravines of Gebas, the umbra of Espuña in the the north side, the Hoz ravine, the walls of the Leya, the water pipes running through the park, and other natural resources that surprise you with each pedaling.

Basic information:

Stage 1. El Berro-Gebas (25 km, 3
hours, medium difficulty).

Stage 2. Gebas-Casas Nuevas (32 km,
3.5 hours, df. middle-low).

Stage 3. Casas Nuevas-Las Alquerías
(36 km, 4 hours, high df).

Stage 4. Las Alquerías-El Berro (53
km, 5 hours, high difficulty).

The route has assistance services en route, guide, transport of luggage, as well as accommodations and menus at a special price.

Espubike Challenge
Do you dare to take the full tour? Get your passport to seal in the
different partner establishments, and can be found throughout the four stages. Those who are able to overcome the challenge will receive a diploma and a jersey.

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june, 2024

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